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2013 First Supplier Seminar of Yifang Digital
- Cooperation and Win-Win


On 19th July, 2013, first supplier seminar of Yifang Digital was held successfully in Shenzhen Novotel Bauhinia as the theme of cooperation and win-win. Over 20 prime suppliers were invited to be present in this meeting and came to join in the discussion of business cooperation and development.

Firstly, Mr. Bin Wang, Board Chairman of Yifang digital, delivered a speech as the theme of Hand-in- hand with Yifang and seeking mutual development." He talked something about Yifang from the following aspects: the history, management platforms, products, tendency of turnover, and quantities of shipment of goods in half year of 2013. He also illustrated the development trend, market opportunity and challenge of Yifang Digital, etc.

In view of development trend of Yifang Digital, he emphasized that in order to create a good future of Yifang Digital, we should make efforts from the following aspects, such as continuous R & D investment, forming a keen nose for the market, expanding the proportion of brand and retail business, further improving the management system, etc.

When facing the market opportunities and challenges of tablet pcs, Mr Wang gave some details from aspects of global shipment trend of tablet pcs, the challenge of the global market, the goal of Yifang and its demand for suppliers. Meanwhile, he pointed out two definite goals of Yifang, one is becoming the leader in low-end tablet pc field; the other is becoming the world-class brand in M2M field.

Secondly, Mr Li, an expert of manufacturing from Taiwan, gave a speech about the problem of quality. He shared the quality policy, quality organizational structure, process of IQC inspection, duty of SQE, the condition of suppliers' incoming in half year of 2013 and planning of QBR of Yifang in 2013, etc.

Thirdly, Mr Kenny shared the following precious information with suppliers, such as the future layout of products, tablet pcs information in half year of 2013, the milestone of Yifang's tablet pcs, analysis on tablet pcs business in 2013 and programs of Yifang's new products in 2014, etc.

Fourthly, digital pens business department, a distinctive department, which has been devoted to developing new products. This year, it has developed two new production lines, such as home automation and smart wearable devices. In overall, products of Yifang are of diversification.

At the first supplier meeting of Yifang Digital, Mr. Xu Zexin, president of Hi-tech branch of Bank of China is present at this conference. He said that Yifang Digital is an enterprise which is greatly appreciated by all banks. It has manufacturing team, broad market, strong R & D team and leadership. All these become the source of capital and innovation.

Lastly, it's time to grand awards to some advanced units for the outstanding contributions for Yifang Digital. The awards are "Outstanding Quality Supplier", "Excellent Strategic Partnership" and "Best Advanced Supplier" etc.

Outstanding Quality Supplier:

Excellent Strategic Partnership:

Best Advanced Supplier:



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