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  Connector USB Flash Drive

1) What's Easy-mate :
Easy-mate not only serves as a USB storage device but also allows users to transfer data between two PCs easily. It comes with a USB connector and a mini USB port, which means it can be connected to two PCs at the same time for high speed data transfer.

No longer do you have to transfer data in segments because of their large file size, Easy-mate allows users to transfer all shared data regardless of their file size, and its bi-direction data flow functionality offers never seen before convenience over USB flash drive or portable hard drive for data transfers between two computers.

Easy-mate dramatically reducing network setup time and hardware cost, it provides users the simplest and most effective way to solve your pain while use Netbook everyday!

2) Easy-mate,a connector USB Flash Drive features following function:

3) Product Series of Easy-mate:
  • ·Available from 128MB to 8GB;
  • ·link 2 PCs easy via normal USB cable;
  • ·Manage and search storage files easily;
  • ·High speed (up to 21MB/S) data transfer between 2 PCs;
  • ·Outlook& Folder sync;
  • ·Share CD ROM and internet between 2PCs easily;
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