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 Home Automation
  • Allows you to remote control lighting’s color, brightness and scenes by apps easily
  • Selects from more than 1 million colors
  • Creates light settings based on your favorite photos
  • Plug-and-play, gateway free
  • Controls the timing of turning the bulb on/off by apps
  • Option to name the bulb at anytime
  • Romantic, Movie, Dinner, Relax and dynamic mode
  • Supports iPhone 4S/5 and Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Supports up to 8 bulbs for each phone and grouping
  • Bluetooth 4.0, energy-saving

Easy to install, just replace your existing bulbs
No electricians or ugly control boxes. Just replace regular bulbs with these smart bulbs and you're good to go. Once installed, they easily connect to your WiFi system. Instructions are easy to follow and take just a few minutes. Your smart phone app automatically updates itself when you add a new bulb.

Control every light from your phone or android devices
Free apps are available for your smart phone and android devices. From this app you can easily adjust color and brightness of lights, set scenes and more.

Match your mood and decor; setting a timer to turn on/off them easily
Easily create scenes for times of day, or events like parties or more. See if lights are on or off without having to go into the room. Turn on or off all the lights at once.

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