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  MP4/ mp3 Players
  • No LCD Frog-Shaped MP3 Player;
  • Five LED Lights (two in eyes part, otherthree in mouth part);
  • LED light flickers when start, close,playing, charging, full charged,USB connected and Data Transmission;
  • Rubber Coating Body (optional);
  • Capacity: 1GB~8GB (Optional).
   System Requirements
Hardware IBM PC or compatible PC, Notebook or Macintosh with USB port
Operation System Windows ME/98/2000/XP/Vista and Linux2.4/Mac OS10.0 above
Driver installation Only required for Windows98/SE
    Function characteristics
USB Interface USB2.0 high speed
Capacity 1GB,2GB,4GB,8GB(Optional)
Storage Device Removable Storage Device
EQ Mode Normal, Rock, Pop, Classical, Soft , Jazz, Bass
Play Mode Repeat all
VBR Available
    Technical Specification
Read speed SLC:5.5 ~ 6.0 MB/S MLC:3.5~4.5MB/S
Write speed SLC:3.5 ~ 4.0MB/S MLC:2.0~3.0MB/S
Audio format MP3,WMA
Bit Rate 8Kbps—320Kbps
Battery Life About 5~6 Hours(default)
LCD Display N/A
SNR >90dB
Frequency Response Range 20HZ—20KHZ
   Physical Characteristics
Battery Type Rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery
Storage Temperature -20℃ ~ +55℃
Ambient Temp* -10℃ ~ +55℃
Operation Relative Humidity* 20% ~ 90%(40℃))
Storage Relative Humidity* 20% ~ 93%(40℃)
Size(mm) L*W*H :37.8*32.2*23.7(mm)
Weight(g) About 15.3g
Color Red, Green, Pink, Black, Middle yellow
Package Blister package, Crystal box
EMI Compliance CE
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