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  Digital pens
  • Both wired and wireless versions
  • Easily upgrade your PC screen with touch feature
  • Activate all application by simple touch
  • Slide, swap, drag to operate
  • Special soft pen tip, scratch free
  • Bring much better user experience when using Windows 8
  • View Web &mail, zoom in & zoom out pictures, playing games, do document annotation by touch



Easy to use
It's simple! It's easy! It's for everyone! The Touch 8 easily converts your Windows 8 PC monitor or laptop into a touchscreen device so you maximize your Windows 8 OS to the fullest. You can easily annotate your handwriting into a file and save or email notes to your colleagues. The device requires no drivers, just simply plug in and play. You can also play your favorite games by a simple touch.

Precision of the Stylus!
It comes with a pen-shaped stylus, you'll find that taking notes is easier than typing, and drawing will be as simple and comfortable as using a pen and paper. A mouse is great for "point and click" - but it was never made to draw or truly be creative. You'll find that you're able to draw and create right on your laptop unlike ever before on a computer.

Web Navigation by Touch
The Internet Explorer (IE) 10 browser built into Windows 8 is designed to offer faster browsing through greater hardware acceleration, along with rapid gesture-based zoom, pan, and Web site navigation - perfect for touch.

Make it more personal!
Not only can you send friends and loved ones personal notes - in your own handwriting via email - but you can add your personal creativity to favorite pictures. Imagine taking that favorite photo of you and your friends on your last vacation together, and adding personal comments or humorous memories from the trip - all right on the photo. Then share that photo via Facebook, Flickr or any social / sharing website you want.

Plug and play!
Get the most out of your Windows 8 experience with this fun and easy-to-use touch pen. It transforms any non-touchscreen monitor into a touch display using this stylus pen. Play games, draw, sign your name on a document and make notes, right on the screen without any drivers!

Business Touch making everything under control
Microsoft Office series is the preferred business office suite. Currently, above Office2010 supports YiFang Windows Touch Pen Start inking" appears in the Office after connecting with the touch pen. You can mark, annotate and demo, etc. on documents with the Touch Pen. It is convenient and practical for business people.

Model No. Touch 8
System requirement Windows 8
Technology Ultrasonic and Infrared
Coverage Area 15.6" Max
Resolution 100 DPI
Accuracy Deviation 0.2mm
USB Interface USB 2 Full Speed
Power Supply Pen: 2* SR41 Batteries with 90 Hours of Continuous Writing/Hovering.
Power Consumption Pen Down / Hovering: 440uA for Full Battery, 480uA for Low Battery (< 3.0v)
Pen Up: 12µA
Base Unit: 20mA (Connected)
Sampling Rate 58 Samples/s
Operating temperature 10°C~ 35°C
Storage Temperature -10°C~50°C
Operation Relative Humidity 20% ~ 80 % (40°C)
Storage Relative Humidity 20%~ 80 % (40°C)
Pen Battery Life Time 500 hours of continues
writing/hovering.(The ratio of the pen's working and standby time is 1:9)
Note: Lifetime of the batteries may vary and cannot be guaranteed
Certifications FCC/CE
Platform Support Windows 8
Dimension 68.01*26.32*7.70mm (L*W*H)
Weight 9.00g
Color Black
Package Content 1* Digital Pen 1* Detachable Base Unit;
1* USB Cable;
1* Metal Strip;
2* Stylus

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